Not my first blog.

No, this is not my first blog.  Not even close. Yes, I’ve had my share of blogs. Pretty ones, zany ones and even downright psychotic ones. My relationship with blogs has been, well, weird. I am not a great blogger. Not even a good blogger. I’m not punctual with them, I neglect them and sometimes I forget that they exist entirely. I have been a horrible blogger.

How about a game of 'Dungeons and... er, Dungeons'?

I use them. I use them for petty jabberjaw relief when they could be so much more. I fill them up with 3 or so posts in one go and then not update them for years. I’m an insolent vagabond. I’m the ‘Dungeon Dad’ of bloggers. My life 2.0 is an empty shell. I am like Tony Stark, I have everything yet nothing. My loyalty to my blogs is a virtue withering without a catalyst. I’m the Tiger Woods of bloggers. A few holes-in-ones and temptations spring up like ‘diglets’ from Pokemon.

This could be a problem.

Also, in my philandering years I realised a few things: It’s all marketing, it’s all blatant pimping, it’s all timing. Blogging thine alias is SMM.

No, not S&M!

So this goes out to all the blogs that I’ve mistreated, ignored and let gather binary dust. The ghosts of their being would forever haunt me. I’m definitely going to digital hell. And it’s with the deepest concern for their well-being that I write this: Another day, another blog, bitches!


6 Responses to “Not my first blog.”

  1. IS this an epitaph for this one?

    Mr author please stand up!

  2. No, this is more of a ‘using your new Monster-truck to trample over your old and defenceless Bajaj Chetak’. There is a slight joy in that. Slight.

  3. Arnlod Fernandes Says:

    Nice. Chetan Bhagat should take some inspiration from your IDIOTIC blogs…….lol.. but i love reading your stuff… if woody Allen would ever meet you , you 2 could write the screenplay for some film………….. and yeah i would do the camera work for it.

  4. Arnlod Fernandes Says:

    u have some interesting observations about Avatar. i am being polite when i term your observations/comments/views as interesting.
    All said and done.
    AVATAR is a paisa wasool cinematic experience. Cameron opted for a simple plot, so he could do justice to the 3D medium he had chosen for his film.
    The linear, simple to predict, bollywood type plot which most cinema critics do not like has been handled with great craft by the director.
    Making optimum use of a simple plot no new phenomenon for this director. Watch Titanic and Terminator if you do not believe in what i say.
    So i cannot understand, whats the fuss about the PLOT.

  5. Okay,my first comment on your not first blog…nice!!
    Athough one wishes there was a statutary warning on the outset about..the phenomenon known as RS…(you know who I’m talking about..).
    Anyway,happy blogging!

  6. Oh,and also…noice briefs!

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