Snap, Crackle, POP!

Superheroes make everything fun. Even something as dry as volunteering. I mean the whole concept of volunteering keeps on repeating the fact that you are merely a drop in the ocean, a ‘helper’ or a glorified farmhand.

If it helps any, you were successfully digested by a plankton very recently.

I have a growing suspicion that the people who volunteer are also the people who vote. Same philosophy, actually – lack of indivualism coupled with a neolithic urge to be a part of a tribe. Not that voting is wrong or anything; it’s just that people vote for parties like Samajwadi Party, which is also not wrong. It’s just that by doing that you’re making a very bold statement about your IQ.

Pictured: Democracy.

So getting back to ‘volunteerism’ (I had a very strong suspicion about the existence of this word until I Googled it.), I rave about it because I did a project on it for a paper. I rave about it because I believe in it. I rave about it because… Ah, who am I kidding… I rave about it because it involves me roaming around the city wearing a ‘superhero costume’ (you’ll see why it’s in quotes a little later).

Yes, later means NOW. Also, those are not dildos on my ears.

Continuing with my rant, the whole idea was to associate superheroes with volunteers, just in case you didn’t get that a few paragraphs ago and by virtue of which you are a… er, let’s just say that if you ever vote, you’ll probably vote for Samajwadi Party. So yeah, any cause that you stand for or feel or touch or make a pass at, you can be a superhero for. So if you believe in plantation drives and incontinence at the same time, you could be called ‘Tree-Huggies’. And plus, if you wanted to keep your identity a secret and thus not look like one of those farts who keep blogging/ making Facebook notes about that one time they touched a leper without going ‘ewww’ or garbage about how they campaigned for abstinence while wearing condom shaped ski-masks. Also, let’s forget for a moment that it’s exactly what I am doing with this blog. Also, er, OMG LOOK BELOW!

Yes, photoshop is magic.

We called the campaign the ‘Pantheon of Purpose’ because ‘Justice Society’, ‘Planeteers’ and ‘Chandu Halwai Ke Puttar’ were already taken. Also, when abbreviated it spells P-O-P! How cool is that!!!
I know. Not very.
We went about plugging (read: shoving) the idea to anyone who’d listen (read: has sensory organs).
Speaking of which –
Shameless Plug #1:

Or alternatively, POP - Plague of Platypuses.

Shameless Plug #2:

Yeah, go ahead. Read it. I dare you!

Shameless Plug #3:

Read my blog. Please, I have kids to feed.

Thank you for reading this. My heartfelt condolences to you if you just plucked your eyes out in despair.

Also, because I really care about your retinas – The video made for the project:


2 Responses to “Snap, Crackle, POP!”

  1. If I was a super-hero, I’d be Pac-Man.

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