Photoshop of Horrors

About six months ago or so, ran this photoshop contest with the theme ‘gritty/ edgy reboots of kiddie T.V. shows’. There was a prize money too. I would’ve, nay, should’ve gone with it but then I had what is commonly referred to by metaphysicists as ‘a life’. But now, thanks to the impending exams and Lost running the course of its final season, my inner fanboy has risen again.

Pictured: Rise

So like an annually delayed comeback, with the combined powers of photoshop and lethal boredom, with mild flatulence serving as impetus, I sat and made the PSD thingamagigs.
So, here goes nothing…

From the makers of the uncyclopedia page for Bobby Deol and unsuccessful trending topics like #biopick and #delhirapes comes the bastard child of an eon old contest…

Spoiler Alert: Your childhood is hereby destroyed. Thank me later.


Not shown in the picture: Decapacitated DeeDee


Why are you wearing that stupid Elmer Fudd suit?


The first rule of the club-house. You do not talk about the club-house.


Well, they both have freckles , are gingers, about 2 feet tall and frickin' called the same!

And the winner is…

That's the only way that'll make people watch Mickey Mouse again. Disney take cue.

P.S: I am not responsible for any self-inflicted wounds/ trauma that readers may subject themselves to, following this read up.

P.P.S: However, if you are a masochist, the likes of which that even Jonas Brothers fans are yet to see, feel free to download the entries above. They make grim, grim wallpapers.


15 Responses to “Photoshop of Horrors”

  1. I ❤ ze pics! Super-awesome is!

  2. Haha. This is quite brilliant as is the rest of your blog though it is a bit of a task to keep up with the various pop culture references.




    Not. I’m just teasing. I did read the other posts and am amused and rather tickled by your hatred for grammatically incorrect internet jargon. 🙂 And thank you for the very kind feedback.

    • Haha! Thanks a megaton! And ‘grammatically incorrect internet jargon’ is a politically correct and less offensive version of the slur: ‘Chetan Bhagat’s tweets. 🙂

  3. oh..this is ultimate.. top class blog you got here dude !!

  4. hey i really like the chuckie one! i think he should be no.1. also, i didn’t know you had such good photoshop skills!

    looking forward to your blogs ! 🙂

  5. Haha! Ed Edd and Eddy was spectacular. However, i am appalled at what you have done to Hugh Laurie :/

    Great stuff dude, you should really give it a go in their next contest.

  6. hahahaha .. man i like ur site .. you can really come up with some interesting poopy stuff .. which is nothing short of brilliant , ofcourse .. keep posting more .. i am hooked on to you … with the armour of the jedi’s knight more power to you

  7. hahaha!! i like MOUSE M.D!!!

  8. Utterly brilliant.

  9. Dexters laboratory looks like the pretty-boy in Scooby Doo went on a Charsi trip.

  10. Thank you this information was missing a lot.

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