It’s Pep. See?

If you’ve been watching this obscure, neverheardof, local spectacle called the IPL, you have surely not missed glimpses of Ranbir Kapoor trying to score Pepsi off supermarkets, dictatators and the like. The current malady he faces is a guild of supervillains challenging him to steal Pepsi from right beneath their noses. Like every guild of supervillains, this one has a boss villian a la Lex Luthor/ Bullaa – only it’s Sanjay Dutt in a giant, red, lobster suit.

Are ya ready kids?

And also, like every supervillain franchise, they have these Rube-Goldberg-ish contraptions that lead the hero to possible peril. In the current ad, dunking the protagonist in water making room for a Houdini-esque escape seems to be the peril in vogue. But does Mr. Krabs… er… The Game Master not know that all of Bollywood can breath underwater? Tch. Tch. Such a shame, no?

Pictured: A typical monday at Film City, Goregaon.

Here are some idiot-proof ideas that Supervillain Inc. can use to challenge unsuspecting heroes and make them accept their grim, Pepsi-less fate…
1. Challenge them not watch the IPL finals. (No, not even repeats).
2. Challenge them to find a hit, Indipop song that is not lifted from an Indonesian one.
3. Challenge them to sit on Facebook the whole day and not take any quizzes, comment on/ ‘like’ any post, join any communities, use FB chat, play any of the ‘…ville’ games and most definitely not poke/ superpoke anyone. Death is imminent, I tell you.
4. Challenge them to staring contest with a mirror. Whoever blinks first, loses.
5. Challenge them to eat raw bhindi with grated worms on top while making them watch a Hindi news channel. The grated worms would eventually be the least of his concerns.
6. Challenge them to a ‘who passes the largest kidney stone, the fastest’ contest.
7. Challenge them to read my blog and not end up deep frying their eyeballs in despair.
8. Challenge them to make people stop trending to #JustinBieber.
9. Challenge them to a lifetime of watching Rick Roll videos over and over again.


P.S: Comment here and your babies will be born fire-proof. Trust me on this one.


261 Responses to “It’s Pep. See?”

  1. I challenge you to eat a seven-course dinner while surfing goatse.

  2. Challenge them to eat raw bhindi with grated worms on top while making them watch a Hindi news channel. The grated worms would eventually be the least of his concerns. LOL

  3. What will you think of next?

  4. Challenge them to figure out why Sanjay Dutt married Maaanyaataa.

  5. Challenge them to interpret death metal lyrics.

    Without the internet.

  6. Abhimanyu Says:

    Challenge them to watch the EPL final in a house full of Man-U fans. Lol

  7. TeLl Em To PlAy DoTa WiTh OnLy A MoUsE.

  8. Thats interesting Peeyapsi πŸ˜€

  9. Check out the display pictures, exactly how things look post one heck of a heavy session of coke sniffing. Subliminal advertising for Coke. Coke=1 Pepsi=0.

  10. a hundred bucks says that you edited those pictures in paint. you lazy, lazy boy.

    also, i spotted an inconsistency: “Challenge them to eat raw bhindi with grated worms on top while making them watch a Hindi news channel. The grated worms would eventually be the least of HIS concerns.” Shouldn’t it be HIS/HER, you sexist lad? hah! bow down to the sexism antenna.

  11. The Pepsi Advertisement: Looks like a First-Month, First Semester, First Year BMM Project from a SoBo College. Right Along with the Dumb-Ass questions and we-so-know-our-target-audience remarks in the presentation.

  12. Karishma Says:

    Woo! πŸ˜€

  13. I dont care about the IPL or anything related to it, but your blog is hilarious!
    You are putting crazy to good use here.

  14. Well, your post was hilarious to the core… i enjoyed every bit of it and the pictorial descriptions were perfect!!
    Keep them rolling

  15. Siddharth Says:

    I wonder how many more parts there will be to this ad ! The curiosity is killing me !

  16. Rukmini Says:

    Game Master probably wants us to watch his last ‘hit’ movie to learn how Ranbir Kapoor managed that escape, thereby ingeniously ticking us into watching his last ‘hit’ movie.
    I have no idea if there are any underwater Houdini-esque tricks to be learnt from the afore mentioned last ‘hit’ movie though.

  17. vaary naice!

  18. GO STUDY!

  19. utsav challenge you to be on time for me birthday!

  20. this is funny!! πŸ™‚
    i like

  21. You destroyed Spongebob for me by likening an integral character to Sanjay Dutt. What next? Akshay Kumar as Patrick? Riteish Deshmukh as Sandy? 😦

  22. your top 10 list is awesome πŸ™‚

  23. Loved it!! I want your opinion on Ranbir’s “I’m thinking hard expression” Terrible expression.

  24. So much of this shit I’ve done. Goatse is the favourite, obviously. Others include your usual lemon-party-tub-girl crap.

    Oh, and good stuff πŸ˜€

  25. For Fucks sake even my pig likes this blog!
    I Would like to see some IPL bashing done [Hardcore] sometime .

  26. @utsav:
    that was hilarious..
    of all the challenges, 3 & 7 seem most difficult πŸ™‚

    btw, pls do comment on my blog too on the same shitty challenge πŸ˜€

    my page:

    I assure u ur babies wld be invincible πŸ˜€

  27. πŸ™‚

  28. Interesting….

  29. interstiing πŸ™‚

  30. It cracked me up, You Mister are Hilarious!
    Keep posting and you shall receive much appreciation πŸ™‚

    P.s. I hope my babies born fire-proof, If not I’ll Burn YOU mister. trust me on this one.

  31. Me loves blog! Yay! πŸ™‚
    (Reading about the likes of Ranbir Kappor/Sunny Dutt being dissed makes me slightly heppy! Yes, heppy, not happy. Do Vindhu Dara Singh next! ^-^ )

  32. I know. how sick can it get? as if we dint have enough of sanjay dutt and his dirty teeth 😐

  33. I’ve said it before and ill say it again: WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT AD? All respect to the man,i love munnabhai to bits,but that advertisement is just pointless,why wouldnt they just centre it on ranbir comment and make him do some stereotypical coke-type advertisement anyway? >:[

  34. MiniCooper Says:

    Gud one, neighbour!! I liked challenge no.3!! And now dnt bug me for not givin u a feedback! πŸ˜›

  35. Hehehe… Nice1

  36. It’s all a BIGass promo to some shitty movie that’s completely sponsored by Pepsi just as Mission Istanbul is a Mountain Dew and Evolution is a Head and Shoulders πŸ˜›

    Challenge them to make a rational assessment of this blog.

    Youngistaan ka Paav!

  37. Sameer S Says:

    Just keep “sms”ing WOW and you will get waste your money which you could have used instead to drink some more pepsi which eventually will go to the same people so awesome!!

  38. Kartik Sharma Says:

    hahaha! loved it! Hilarious! I actually find this entire Pepsi ad campaign very dumb. They say that it is Pepsi’s costliest ad campaign ever. But all your idiot proof ideas challenging the unsuspecting heroes are absolutely hilarious. Very funny indeed! πŸ˜€ Keep posting in more!

  39. so random and so damn fucking funny…hahahhahahahha laughed a lot man respect there are also other alternatives

    challenge them to redub the entire series of doreamon in tamil so that we can send it brainwash karunanidhi and other people

    challenge them to act in something as retarded as the pepsi ad only this time its for paresh teaching classes (guranteed results…ask our toppers)

    also challenge them to write something as awesome as this..they wont be able to!

  40. awesomeness…….well ur blog is named illegal briefs,i didn’t find anything illegal….and what happened to the underwears(briefs) ????
    follow @vicecapt_planet on twitter…SELF PIMPING

  41. Challenge them to sit on Facebook the whole day and not take any quizzes, comment on/ β€˜like’ any post, join any communities, use FB chat, play any of the β€˜β€¦ville’ games and most definitely not poke/ superpoke anyone. Death is imminent, I tell you.

    What a thought! WHAT A THOUGHT!

  42. I’l give you #10 – Challenge them to read this and NOT laugh, NOT LOL, NOT LMAO, or NOT ROTFLMAO. Anyone would surely fail this one!

  43. Anirban Samanta Says:

    Super awesome blog…
    keep up the good work dude

  44. challenge ’em 2 shut d rakhi’s mouth up…yooo dey wil surely get fried..

  45. Good work!! Now, lets have some mutual respect.

  46. Brilliant stuff, this blog’s going on way–UP UP UP πŸ™‚

  47. yes. yes. sanjay dutt in lobster suit is the new anti-hero!

  48. Pepsi is my favourite drink. It make my moustache healthy and beautiful. LOL.

  49. Wow,Pepsi as seen neber before!!

    and noise briefs!

  50. Happy blogging!

  51. I suppose now that you’re exam free,we can expect a lot more posts?

  52. Maitreyee Joshi Says:

    hahahaha! I was very very entertained by this. And I’m not even an IPL person. πŸ˜€

  53. its so funny. boredom + post exam creativity are really good for you.

  54. hahahahaha …. excellent one!

  55. More kickass lines my friend…Your on a roll out here!

  56. Anirban Samanta Says:

    Dada(Gand-Gully) did a gr8 job today and your blog make me laugh :))

  57. Challenge you to take on Coke for the next blog πŸ˜›
    Very blatantly funny!

  58. It is nice thing!! Originally Plagiarize!!! But i like it!!

  59. i enjoid reading evry bit…HILARIOUS is d word….d idiot-proof ideas was 2 goodd…eating raw bhind wid grated worms…lol…dis blog is way too good,,,looking forward 2 read more BAJAO SESSIONS… :)…whats next???

  60. berrygurl Says:

    wow.. this is real cool stuff man… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  61. Th IPL is the greatest thing that ever happened to Indian Television. After Aahat, that is.

  62. I find it an affront to Mr. Krabs that he has been compared to Sanjay Dutt, a creature who we know so far has failed to survive under water, over water or anywhere around water in the classic motion picture, Blue. Mr. Krabs is an underwater, aquatic, cinematic success and a fine businessman. He has never yet been seen consume this Pep See beverage you speak of. Blasphemous to Spongebob’s legacy is what this post is… Drown it now!

  63. Anirban Samanta Says:

    nice go go go πŸ™‚

  64. Aquaman is not a pop group from the 90s


  65. Monica Waldia Says:

    haahhahahahahhahahha……Farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……Why don’t you mail this tp PEPSI! Those ads are really horrendous! And i am buying your Fire-Proof babies claim! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  66. yuck yuck yuck grated worms.. yuck!! yuck!!

    btw i love the title of your blog!

    cool, now a fire-proof baby :D!!!

  67. LMAO Dude..!!! The Ad campaign is sad anyway…. maybe ur challenges will add a little life to it..!! πŸ˜‰

  68. hahahahahaha!
    Nice one man!

  69. hey.. nice post.. keep blogging πŸ™‚

  70. Seriously dude, whats up with the Pepsi ad’s? Looking at the ad makes me wanna puke.
    Thank God for Thums Up!

  71. shilpa johnson Says:

    ewww…im too grossed out by the fifth one to even write anythin bout the whole thing…but it would pass as a challenge anyway! (BARF)

  72. Pepsi seems to be gasping for breath in a drowning pool here. What’s with Sanjay Dutt and that stupid guy who survived 60 days in a claustrophobic house in the ad, along with Ranbir. Whatever happened to ‘Youngistan’ generation? They have Deepika Padukone as a brand ambassador, if I’m not mistake and then to cast ugly, old people like the aforementioned. What a shame! Among the current ads, I like the Limca one. They always hev fresh ads with pretty faces (Riya Sen, Meghna Reddy and now Hrishitaa Bhatt)

  73. anujeet majumdar Says:

    lol πŸ™‚
    articles cool but your top ten is killer shit …
    a reflection on all the woes of life and how they are shown via comic book references !!! πŸ˜›

  74. Azriel Samson Says:

    Hey, great blog and lots of pretty cool ideas..nice…

  75. nice one…… btw challenge them to produce one good quality hit film this year …….

  76. hahaha.. kahan se sochta hai bhai… really funny.. raw bhindi n hindi news channel was awesome.. lol
    great going. .awesome blog..

  77. great going man….i see some competition here…….


  78. Sourabh Biswas Says:

    Ubercool! All the best for the contest!

  79. or challenge them to use twitter and announce their hideouts to the police

  80. Challenge them to paint a Zoozoo pink..

  81. Hey,

    Great blog. Cool ideas. You shld work for supervillain inc. They pay well.

  82. i challenge him to come to your blog and not leave a comment cause it asks for your mail address.

  83. Thats a big impressive list..

  84. Shrinivas Ganti Says:

    I liked the lobster suit reference! πŸ˜€

  85. hilarious stuff man, cant wait to read more.

  86. You are the future of youngistan meri jaan..
    tu hai youngistan (aur blogistan) ka WOW..
    (or are you? sms kijiye HAAN ya NA to 09327272727).. (thats the actual number btw)

  87. i likes…:)

  88. Aditya Rao Says:

    I love the fourth and fifth challenges!!!
    Good work with the ideas. Supervillian Inc. sure will be grateful! πŸ˜€

  89. wo shit dude this is insane!

  90. Very cool.
    For all you free thinking people with no particular kaam in life, plijj check out
    and…if you like random ramblings

    Shameless advertising, I know, but what the hay?

  91. abhinandita banerjee Says:

    Challenge them to eat raw bhindi with grated worms on top while making them watch a Hindi news channel. The grated worms would eventually be the least of his concerns…..Challenge them to read my blog and not end up deep frying their eyeballs in despair…truly hilarious…quite liked it….wts nxt?

  92. how do u gettime to think all this crazy things……nice one ya..i like it

  93. πŸ˜› u shud have been there instead of sanju….ranbir wudnt have completed ne of those tasks…:)

  94. Challenge them to fight Shashi Tharoor.

  95. Meh I didn’t deep fry my eyeballs…but I’ve read only a couple of the many posts.

  96. Today’s the IPL finals. Let’s see if Ranbir faces the challenge of not watching it! haha.
    Good luck!

  97. I likesssss ur blog….

  98. Fuck this shit!

  99. Hello

  100. Another absolutely hilarious post from you. Love your idiot proof ideas. πŸ˜›

  101. Neat one Mr Slimeball…You write well dawg… (tries to act like Randy Jackson)…

    I’m feelin it… Worked for me.. Good write…

  102. I had a real good laugh on reading this one. Now I don’t even care if I don’t have fire proof babies.

    You are a funny guy!

  103. Hahaha. Plus who steals the costume lock stock and barrel from Warhammer. WTF PEPSEE!!

  104. You have some great challenges. the best one is definately no. 8!!

  105. i had good fun reading dat content. dats good………,,,,,,!!!!!!!


    TheY r gr888888……..

  107. hey…gr8 work…

  108. So,what are you writing about next?

  109. Can it be Sprite this time?

  110. Ah chuck,that was just a bad attempt.

  111. πŸ™‚

  112. nice man..
    keep it up

  113. anirban.samanta Says:

    gr8 post πŸ˜›

  114. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by vicecapt_planet: #nowreading @UChuckles ‘ blog …check it out and pls comment…

  115. i dont believe that utsav has got grammatical errors in his blog post!! *laughs*

  116. dark angel Says:

    hahaha the first part was hillarious . i find the ad stupid though

  117. its awsummmm

  118. sambit... Says:

    nice post dude.really enjoyed reading it!!!!

  119. prabal panjabi Says:

    agree with sambhit and ruchi. kudos

  120. prabal panjabi Says:

    on second thoughts, agree with dark angel as well.

  121. prabal panjabi Says:

    what kind of a name is dark angel ?

  122. prabal panjabi Says:

    is she related to the columbian football striker ?

  123. prabal panjabi Says:

    rather soccer striker ?

  124. Arnold Fernandes Says:

    If i had to choose between 3 options –
    to rate this article.

    I would choose option (B) and SMS it to 2525.

    Well done. Your madness never seems to fade.

  125. Shantenu TIlwankar Says:


  126. Shantenu TIlwankar Says:


  127. the mirror challenge is nice…………..

  128. challenge them to have a jedi fight with spongebob and lets see who wins.. πŸ˜€

  129. well well well ,,, seems like your brainless bickering of finding the most smallest deatails of the most pathetic stuff has still not faded away even after two years …. guess some diseases are just incurable πŸ˜› !!!!

    besides you forgot to mention the weird govinda-like facial expression at the end of the ad which makes them look like they’ve got a twin attack of a gastric epilepsy ….. well , i guess you still need some work getting there :P!:P:P:P:P:P:!P:!P!:P!:!P:!P!:!P!:!P:!P:!:!:!!P;; jdfghldjkfgh;dfjg; l

  130. nice job ! all the best

  131. ROFL @ Justin Bieber part! Hilarious read. Good job there Captain Creative Brief!
    You can add one more challenge:

    Tie the superhero up on a chair and make him watch the entire season of Rahul Mahajan ka Swayamvar and have him listen to Himesh’s Aap Ka Suroor on Loop at the same time.

  132. […] on, the new Pepsi ads are very evil. This post, I advise you to read and comment […]

  133. I challenge that u lick your elbow without removing your tongue…..ha ha

  134. Shruti S Says:

    a sly smile while goin thru those..
    sanjay dutt as sebastian is sumthing i havent considered.. he still looks like hez gonna poop.. all those extra diapers behind the red armour..

    fun read utsav..

    PS: u forgot to add this..
    challenge him to look at paddy straight in the eye n tell her “truthfully” that he finds her beautifull… πŸ˜›

    cheers! πŸ˜€

  135. The idiot-proof ideas can be used as tasks in some of the celebrity reality shows ! very challenging indeed

  136. Funny

  137. I love this its freakin awesome!

  138. woohoo!! \m/

  139. Hahahhaha, damn good man!

  140. Yo dude! I loved deep-frying my (eye) balls after reading your chaddi-esque blog. Keep at it and i might do an ‘Aparichit’.

  141. hey nice 1 ….pretty attractive..awesome ideas n superb pictures

  142. Vikram Paneri Says:


  143. iqbal singh Says:

    i love that………relly intresting………….

  144. so…nice

    • thumbs up..u can try ur hand in creative field on….aaj kal tak may be…aaaj tak wud become more hilarious!!!!

  145. I will put a blowtorch to my future babies just to check, just so you know. Expect summons in about ten to fifteen years.

  146. Karishma Says:

    Challenge them to more! They shall fry, not just eyeballs, but all manner of other organs! πŸ˜›

  147. crazy stuff yet hilarious…simply enjoyd reading

  148. omg this is hilarious πŸ™‚ loved reading it…

  149. omg…its hilarious πŸ™‚ loved reading it!

  150. hilarious πŸ™‚ loved reading it…

  151. intresting.. πŸ™‚
    keep writting such pieces… its fun to read…

  152. hilarious πŸ™‚

  153. interesting.. πŸ™‚
    keep writing such pieces… its fun to read…

  154. karan ashar Says:

    Rabba rabba meri jaan jale, jale, jale, jale..
    Tak tana na na tandoori nights,tandoori nights, tandoori nights,
    Tak tana na na tandoori nights,tandoori nights, tandoori nights
    Tere bin tere bine meri jaan jale, jale, jale, jale
    Tak tana na na tandoori nights,tandoori nights, tandoori nights,
    Tak tana na na tandoori nights,tandoori nights, tandoori nights..


  155. nice nice!
    u making money out of this?

  156. Dayson Pais Says:

    haha.. its funny that the person above thinks that you are making money out of this πŸ˜›

    *hopes for a fireproof baby*

  157. I agree with with point 8 man… LOL!

  158. are you sure this isn’t a pr exercise for Pepsi………?

  159. Shravan Kutty Says:

    Haha. This is gr8!

  160. Good job …I like it…Keep it up

  161. Wow!

  162. …so typical of you….pepsi addict!!!!!

  163. shailesh v Says:

    dooddd u are crazzy……..

  164. Pandapants Says:

    Selling out, are we? πŸ˜›

  165. Vishnu Pillai Says:


  166. i lyk ur writings. gud job.

  167. BoredInsomniac Says:

    Read all the other entries. Good to see that you aren’t giving up on content. Kudos!

  168. cool! no kachori jokes??/ lololololol….

  169. tell ranbir to go and hve coke instead. that wud a gr8 challenge 4 d brand ambassador of pepsi. lol.

  170. Chandresh Patil Says:

    tera usne kya bigada? πŸ˜€

  171. SolemnCacophony Says:

    Utsav, you are still mental. Still feeding the dogs?

  172. samiksha m Says:

    LOL.grow up beta………… πŸ˜›

  173. take it with a pinch of salt…and lemon…

  174. ccooollllllll…………challlenge him 2 go swimmin in powai lake!!!!!

  175. princerajesh Says:

    aur bol buddy…what’s up?

  176. Good wrk, man! Ranbir shud tke UR autograph!

  177. akhilesh bapat Says:

    where’s d 10th pt?


  178. god, dis line will nevr end or wat.. how did u get all of dem 2 commnt? bribery is against d constitution!!!

  179. challenge them to watch hindi reality tv shows, especially those blood curdling ones which have screechy obnoxious children caked in crawford market makeup, dancing like badly set fruitcakes, in the name of talent.

    oh, and also challenge them to eat that meal after surfing “blue waffle” on google images

    Warning: if anyone reading this doesnt wish to have bile stuck in their throats for the rest of their lives, dont try the googling.

  180. Prashant Bhandari Says:

    I would agree with all of them if you tell me what the hell you’re smoking?

    Jokes apart, are you sure my comments are contributing much here? πŸ™‚

    Adios! TC!

  181. Haha! This is better than porn! πŸ˜›

  182. …………………………………..
    fill in the blanks!!!!!!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  183. “mmmmmmmm….mmmmmmmmm….”

  184. Best episode ever!

  185. waah taj! no pepsi!

  186. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by VJ Anusha, VJ Anusha, Abhijit Kankanala, VJ Anusha, VJ Anusha and others. VJ Anusha said: Comment on this post! […]

  187. Anuraag Seshadri Says:


    Awesome! Mine obviously is zilch compared to u. Hats off man! Great creativity. I probably made an ass of meself by posting that link.


  188. 7. Challenge them to read my blog and not end up deep frying their eyeballs in despair.

    As if.

  189. god..u hav so much time on ur hands.. πŸ˜›

  190. you have successfully managed wasting all dese ppls times???? lol, gud work……

  191. Sackreligious Says:

    Best of luck! πŸ™‚

  192. DenizenDan Says:

    Are you winning??

  193. wht a gr8 blog!!!!

  194. i think my 1st comment got spamfiltered…………

  195. What an idea, sirjee… πŸ˜›

  196. Right. I get it.

  197. bengali tu toh aage nikal gaya…… haw……

  198. SirBetos Says:

    I am pleased, young ward.

  199. Lakshmi P Says:

    LOL! πŸ˜€

  200. Sandhya Bhatt Says:

    you should be given points by each centimeter of the tower of comments here…… πŸ˜›

  201. Arey bosss..were r the blades???? dere shud be a contest wid pink tranvestites doin mujra to woo ranbir kapoort………………………aha…..kaisa laga??

  202. You live in your own world, my man! Great blog. Didn’t get the post. The photoshop article makes a lot more sense.

  203. hehehyahyahyahya………….toooo goood….

  204. oh so u r challengin ranbir now,,,…….yyyyy????????

  205. cool buddy, likhte likhte kat jaye rastey..

  206. Excellent wrk!!!!!!

  207. remembering ur pepsi drinkin habits……..

  208. dude u r good at this…shud be doin this professionallly,,,,,,,,


  210. wah bhai wah!!!!!!!!!!

  211. yaaaar…wens d next post comin………….enufff of pepsi yaaaar

  212. I agree wid Kashish

  213. wow. love point 9. hav bin rickrollld maself a LOT!!!!!!!!

  214. i commented. wen do i get my paycheck?????? lololol

  215. LMAO! Keep writing!

  216. arey think of ranbir once atleastt

  217. I am sure you’re gonna win this. I wish you the best for this endeavour.

  218. you are certain of all d tasks boy? kidney stones r a serious issue. I speak frm personal experience.. πŸ˜‰

  219. but d pepsi add is over no?

  220. ROFLMAO!!! I like……….. πŸ˜€

  221. i have send dis link 2 all my frndz….luv ur writings..

  222. YEH HAI YOUNGISTAAN MERI JAAN>>>>>!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  223. congo if u win kkkkkkk/.?

  224. Roflmao!

    also, challenge them to follow Shashi Tharoor AND SRK together…and make them read every tweet of theirs…(?)

  225. Please write more often. Your blog is so funny.

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