Recap rhymes with kneecap. Coincidence?

I’m sensing that all you readers sense a lull here. And since a lot of you have been visiting this blog regularly like nice little children, and because I’m a philanthrophist at heart, I give you stuff that I wrote for money while ignoring the tender needs of this blog.
And here be my adultrous posts:

Have you ever wondered what overly stereotyped movie couple you and your loved-one (fine, you can include your parrot) are?

No? Then maybe you’d like to know about things to do while in the loo?

That doesn’t catch your fancy either? But you really wanna know why the utterly brilliant animation film ‘Bird Idol’ (with utterly brilliant animation) is better than ‘Indian Idol’, right?

No? What kind of a person ARE you? Nevermind that – you’re definitely wondering how one can make one of them incredibly ground breaking Gurinder Chadha movies? Huh, huh?

Fine. You sound like a creep. Want in on the hows and the ‘how are you doing madam I am sexy, juicy boy’ of Facebook stalking?

Oh, did I hit the wrong chord there? Are you the one being stalked on Facebook? Look no further…

Am I being annoying? Yes, then learn from the master himself on the culminated virtue that is annoying people.

This not quite cutting it for you? Well maybe we can both speculate the inherent lack of live-action versions of these awe-inducing cartoon shows…

What? None of these? You seem like a Hrithik Roshan fan. You have watched Kites, right? You haven’t? Oh, wait, nobody has. Either ways, you know what I’m talking about…

What? Why’re you looking at me like that? People have done worse things for money, alright?

Pictured: Worse things

On a similiar note, it should be duly noted by the jury that these were written under the harshest circumstances, and as strictly, a monetary venture.
On a different note, DO NOT JUDGE ME BECAUSE I WRITE SUBSTANDARD SHIT FOR MONEY, judge me because I hate mangoes. And your second cousin. In that order.

P34C3 B33CH35.


5 Responses to “Recap rhymes with kneecap. Coincidence?”

  1. I don’t know what to say.
    Damn, delete this comment :P!!!

  2. Post more posts, not metaposts about posts. Poste?

  3. Great post and i loved most of the subposts too……… nice!
    keep blogging.

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